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27 April 2012 @ 08:26 pm

((What do you know, Playlist.com changed its look and fucked everything up; I can't embed the soundtrack anymore. Enjoy some text with no music at all; it's just the same, right?))

☆ Dance With Me, Darling (Bat Boy the Musical) was introduced to me when I saw Bat Boy live just around the time I had fallen in love with Nosferatu, the original movie. Loved the musical, and then this song greatly inspired the conception of this story!

☆ Step Into the Light (Darren Hayes)

Darkness (Darren Hayes) is my planned ending credits for some of the episodes. I think it sounds like it pertains to Orlok but moreso pertains to Ellen, if you pay attention to the lyrics.

☆ I Like the Way (Darren Hayes)

Silver Girl & Running Through the Garden (Fleetwood Mac) are inspiring to me to tell Ellen's story, and the latter is more of a general theme. You will find out why when the episodes become available.

☆ Perpetual State

☆ Once Upon a Dream - Instrumental (Disney's Sleeping Beauty)

☆ Sucks To Be You (Prozzak)

☆ Hello (Lionel Richie)

☆ Business Time (Flight of the Conchords)

The last four are joke songs used in certain episodes. Let their future presence surprise you!

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